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Speedo Campaign

Developed an integrated campaign package that delivered holiday promotions, a cart-abandonment ad, a special countdown offer, and look-alike targeting brand-focused ads in increasing lifetime value of customers; significantly increased pool of potential visitors to target and increased total site traffic 8x.

Oakley Campaign

Developed multi-online campaigns for Oakley in building brand awareness and promoting special deals; achieved 32% lift in RPV (revenue per visitor) and 18% click-through rate.

Staples Campaigns

Developed six campaigns with 30 interactive special-ad effects including 3D carousel, video, multi-scene, images, a real-time counter, revealed features, and custom-mobile-compatible animation; drove up to a 1.6 higher click rate.

Cartoon Network / Annoying Orange

Produced animation pieces for Annoying Orange Cartoon Network show that premieres as television #1 rated telecast of the day among boys 6-11. Annoying Orange is also the most viewed web series on YouTube and has 10 million fans on Face Book.

DreamWorks Animation / Puss in Boots Blu-Ray and HD 3D Games

Developed and deployed five Puss in Boots DVD interactive games, a menu, motion pieces, and Web campaigns; drove sales to a dominating, Halloween-weekend opening box office with a record of $36 million and a ranking as the second top-selling DVD in 2011 with a sales revenue of $554 million worldwide.

COACH Scientists / COACH Website

Made use of multidisciplinary approach in creating an extensive multimedia campaign platform for the COACh scientists' group; the group implemented desktop and mobile websites, social media, and logo branding to integrate local and international science projects; with this platform, the COACh website and COACh scientists have increased their collaboration efforts with local companies and other research organizations worldwide up to threefold within 6 months.

Univeral Sutdios / Hipster Director TV Spot

Developed Hipster the Director for Universal Studio cable network's second season broadcast TV spot; by deploying creative advertising, Hipster’s TV spot achieved more than 20 million TV viewers in the US and generated an increase in advertising revenues of up to 5.5% throughout Q1.